User login is not working...

Robin Morris -

If a user is not able to login there are a number of possible causes and it is worth working through them one by one with the user.

Is the username or password incorrect?

  • Usernames and passwords are cAsE sEnSitIve 

Has the user confirmed their email address?

On many Tribalogic Platform websites a user must confirm their email address before being allowed to log in.

They should have received an email with a link in it allowing them to confirm that they have access to the email address they used to register.

  • did they enter the correct email address?
  • is the confirmation email in their junk folder or been marked as spam?

Does their browser accept cookies?

In order to track when a user is logged in, the browser they are using must have accept cookies turned on.

Try searching Google to see if this applies to your browser.


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