Pulling in Tribalogic content into a Joomla Article

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First a little background

In the past you might have manually linked to Tribalogic content by copying and pasting a link from your web browser or used the 'insert link' functionality within the Joomla Article editor and then changed the Tribalogic content later. What happens to the link? Unfortunately this will simply break it.  When a search engine comes along and tries to index the dead link(s) it will have negative effects on your site rankings over time .

Keeping links to your Tribalogic content up to date

You can pull in Tribalogic content by using specially formatted  tlpage tags within your Joomla Article. This way you will never produce dead links to your Tribalogic content because you will always be pulling in the most up to date content. When the page is loaded the tags will be replaced with your content using a Layout that you specify in the tag.

You can pick from the following Layouts.


This will display an image(s)


This will display a numbered list of Entries


This will display a small version of the image for your Entry(s)


This will display a list with no numbers. Depending on how your site styles are set up it may render as a bulleted list.

How to format a {tlpage…} link

{tlpage published_name layout_page_name var1=something&var2=somthing_else}

Within the Console locate the Syndicate you wish to pull content from (More > Syndicates & booking sources). Then click the Publication tab.

You will see a few examples using the Syndicate you have selected. Copy and paste the most appropriate example for your use-case into your Joomla article.

If necessary replace the layout_page_name with one of the above Layouts.

The last part is the variables section. This tells the page the criteria of the Entries you would like to pull in. You will see from the examples you can limit the results to specific locations, randomise them etc.

You can pull in specific Entrie(s) using


Replace the number(s) with your Entry ID separated by a comma

If you wish to specify more than one criteria use an &. For example:  



As you can see, you can do some pretty powerful stuff and by not using static links you will positively impact your search engine rankings by avoiding any dead links.

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