Pointing your domain at your Bookster website

Robin Morris -

How do you let Bookster host your website?

In order to have your Website hosted on your domain, you need to point your domain at our servers - this can be done in one of two ways:

Method 1 - Name Servers (most common)

This means that Tribalogic will look after your DNS settings for you (determining who provides your website and email).
  1. Log into your domain Registrar,
  2. look for "name servers" and change them to:
  • ns1.tribalogic.net
  • ns2.tribalogic.net

Method 2 - C Name

  1. log into your domain Registrar
  2. select your domain
  3. look for DNS management 
  4.  and add a "www." CNAME record that points to ext1.tribalogic.net.
IMPORTANT: If your domain has existing email or websites associated with it, you MUST discuss this with Tribalogic before switching your domain, otherwise you will lose email and suffer website down time.
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