Booking Emails: Addressing and Replying

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When sending emails, all the From addresses will be This is done to ensure that a known domain name is used for the From address that corresponds to SPF or Domain Key restrictions. We cannot use the email address of e.g. the customer when sending a notification to the entry as the customers email could very well be subject to such restrictions (and certainly would be if they used common webmail systems such as GMail).

The real details will be in the To and the Reply-To addresses used.

Booking Confirmation/Cancellation to Customer.

  To: Customer
  Reply-To: Five Way fallback: Booking Email

Booking Confirmation/Cancellation to Entry

  To: Five Way fallback: Booking Email
  Reply-To: Customer

The Five Way Fallback is composed of checking for a Setting in the following way:
 1. Check the Syndicate
 2. If the Syndicate is Published to a Website, check the Website
 3. Check the Directory.
 4. Check the Subscription
 5. Check the Service
 6. Default:

Generally speaking the first three part of the above fallbacks will not be filled in. If they are, then notifications will ultimately NOT be delivered to the person looking after the entry. The first three are really designed to allow a management agency work to be the sole liaison between customer (e.g. when booking or when enquiring via a reply to a confirmation email) and the entry owner themselves. Even booking confirmations will not be sent on automatically. This is likely not very desirable in most situations and thus these fields will mostly be blank, but in the long term, we will change how the To: address in confirmation emails are handled and send the confirmation to any user who is "interested" in this (and has the right to access it). The customer Reply-To address will remain as described above (five way fallback) even after this change.

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