Manipulating Bookster Booking Data in Open Office

Robin Morris -


Analyse Booking information from Bookster and Bookster Pro

Under the "My Bookings" tab in Bookster Self Catering, there is the ability to download data as an Excel Spreadsheet.   This information is easily imported into many other spreadsheet application.

In order to get a broader picture of your booking trends it is useful to be able to manipulate bookings information in a spreadsheet application like Excel or Open Office.

As I don't have Excel and Open Office is free, I am using Open Office for this example.

I have used the "Data Pilot" feature in Open Office to produce some summaries of booking data.

Use a spreadsheet to see:

  • best performing properties;
  • repeat booking guests;
  • popular lengths of stay;
  • specific annual summaries.

Some useful tips:

  • To change any of the summaries, right-click anywhere in the table and click "start", this will bring up the Data Pilot interface
  • Grouping of dates into years, months etc. can be done by moving the spreadsheet active box to the date zone and selecting the menu item "Data -> Group and Outline -> Group"

See the open office attached template.

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